Monday, 9 February 2009

Andrew Symonds joins Sri Rama Sene

In a rather confusing but curious revelation at Vidhana Soudha today, chairman of the Sri Rama Sene, Mr Pramod Muthalik told the drivers of the MLAs that Australian cricketeer, Andrew Symonds, who is currently unemployed has joined Sri Rama Sene. Mr Muthalik said "Sri Rama Sene andre kOtigaLallvE? he he he" (doesn't Sri Rama Sena mean monkeys? he he he) when contacted by those media persons who had run out of things to publish.

In the meantime, sources revealed to us that Sri Rama Sene had recently distributed pamphlets that they would be screening of the film, "kOthigaLu saar kOthigaLu" (monkeys, sir, monkeys) in Pushpanjali tent, Basaveshwaranagar. However, when a grand total of 6 eager "fans" turned up to see the film, they found activists of SRS standing on the dias. When asked about this, Mr Muthalik said "alla. naavE irbEkaadre cinema yaake? he he he" (see, when we are only there, what for do we need the film? he he he).

Mr Muthalik also told the media later that Symonds would be rechristened Vali, so that he could "get into character". When the press conference was going on, the union external affairs minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee casually walked in and announced that the central government has sent a dossier to Pakistan about their terror related activities and has demanded immediate action from them in this regard. When someone pointed out that his press conference was scheduled for 6 pm whereas it was only 5 pm, he sheepishly grinned, and apologised saying that he had only recently purchased a new CASIO digital watch and he had mistaken the 5 for 6.

When Mr Harbhajan Singh was contacted about this incident, he slapped the journalist and screamed, "**** *** **".