Thursday, 13 May 2010

2 states meets 300

Krish Malhotra was born in Patiala and brought up in Delhi. His father, Mr. Malhotra, formerly Major Malhotra is a retired Army officer, with whom Krish constantly quarrels. His mother is a racist and bigoted woman, with a narrow outlook towards life, but loving nevertheless.

Krish was in 11th std when the IIT fever caught up with him. All his friends were preparing for the JEE. And jump on to the bandwagon, he did. He studied furiously for 2 years and landed a respectable rank in the examination. But, much to his chagrin, his parents overrode his intention of going to IIT Bombay and decreed that he go to IIT Delhi. Ergo, he enrolled to study Mechanical Engineering at IIT Delhi.

His four years in the IIT were a roller-coaster ride. When he began, he tried to be earnest and studious. However, thanks in no small amount to the people whom he befriended and his inherently gullible nature, he ended up with mediocre grades and barely ended up getting a job. In the process, he also lost his virginity; but, that is inconsequential.

2 years later, Krish decided that he wanted to get a MBA. He registered to write the CAT. He "cracked" the test and ended up with a stellar score. This, coupled with his excellent performance in the personal interview, landed him a seat in IIM Ahmedabad. There, he met Ananya Swaminathan. She hailed from Tiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Needless to say, she lost her virginity to him at the IIM. And then, at some point of time in this "masala" story, they decided to get married. They also graduated with plum jobs from the IIM.

That is when the real problems surfaced. Krish's mother, thanks to many years of practised bigotry and narrow mindedness regarded South Indians with scorn. Ananya's parents were no less cocky; they despised anybody who was not from their own caste. When Krish and Ananya told their respective parents of their marriage plans, their parents were in equal measure flabbergasted, flummoxed and disappointed (Mr Priyananda Shenoy has since generalised this to a linear combination of flabbergasted, flummoxed and disappointed). The outcome of this was that our protagonists met with strong opposition from both sides. However, instead of eloping, Krish and Ananya decided to get their parents to agree.

This proved more difficult than either of them initially imagined. It almost led to Krish and Ananya breaking up at one point, but Krish's father intervened and used his army major skills to fix everything quickly and efficiently. The wedding was scheduled to take place at the bride's hometown, Tiruvananthapuram.

On the eve of the wedding, Krish was so incredibly excited that he could not sleep. At around midnight, he got terribly hungry. So, he wandered out, looking for some place to eat. All he could find was a roadside place making Parottas . The vendor was making them in a cart, next to a huge drain. In spite of the obvious hygiene problems, Krish decided to take a chance. He went to the vendor and said "Bhaiya, do paranThe dEna" . The vendor, who had a six pack, immediately screamed THIS IS PAROOOOOOOOOOTTA and kicked him into the drain. Krish, being unable to swim, died.