Sunday, 22 July 2012

Youtube bows to internet pressure.

In what could only be termed as a significant setback for fans of freedom of speech, internet giant Google, who own Youtube announced today that they have added a new feature through which people can complain in comment threads, like the youtube comment shown below and they will take immediate action upon their angst.

Google also announced that to fully comply with requests like this, they would need a time machine. Unsurprisingly to most, well everyone but Pete Priyananda Shenoy of Redmond, Washington, Google also announced that they had already built a time machine, and that it would be shaped like a ball and would be marketed as a "social media player", to which the internet responded in equal measure with responses like "Eh?", "Whoa! That's like, amazing, like, coooool, man", "WTF is a social media player" and "Well, Google is indeed Evil. They have revealed their real motive, which is to go back in time and kill all your grandparents. They are Death Panel supporters and Obama is a Muslim who was born in like Iraq, I think".