Saturday, 11 July 2009

Religious leaders protest the alteration of a kannada saying in India.

In a recent landmark decision, the Karnataka High Court decided to change the famous kannada saying "haasigeyiddashTu kaalu chaachu" (extend your leg as long as the bed) to its contrapositive "haasigeginta hecchaagi kaalannu chaachabEDa" (Do not extend your leg beyond the bed). This action was taken thanks to a PIL filed by noted loafer and chairman of the "Contrapositives're Unusually Nerdy and Trite " Priyananda Shenoy because he had run out of everything else to do. Mr Shenoy's contention was that the original saying was designed to be against midgets, short people and people with polio. Being the self righteous NRI that he has become, he promptly decided to get some good karma by filing this PIL in Konkani in the Karnataka High Court.

Reacting to this judgement, noted religious leaders [Baba Anybody], [Insert yet another jobless Muslim Cleric here, because each one of them is as jobless as any other anyway], [And any paedophile of an Archbishop here], [And some random Sikh and Jain and what not leaders just so that they do not go back to their respective gods and start crying endlessly] said that this was against Indian culture and it was unnatural to be short and our social fabric was built around not being so. By changing this age old practice of marginalising the minority, they alleged that the High Court was trying to break some sacred tenets and trying to corrupt the Indian society and the Indian culture. In particular, they also said that these people were diseased and could be treated by hanging them from tall trees so that gravity would eventually make them long enough to occupy the whole bed anyway.