Friday, 29 May 2009


TR Q and A:

1) += ?

2) + = ?

The Answers:



Monday, 4 May 2009

Wr gnst vwls

Fr th pst tn yrs r s t Untd Stts f Amrc hs bn wgng th Wr n Trrr n Afghnstn nd Wstrn Pkstn, wth lttl sccss gnst th l Qd. n spt f n-rds md by th Amrcn rmy gnst th Tlbn n 2001 nd th sbssqnt stng f th fndmntlst rgm frm Afghnstn, th Wr ws cntnd n rq, whch drw mch crtcsm frm bth th Amrcn Dmcrts nd frm ppl arnd th wrld, th afrmntnd wr ws fr frm vr.

n fct, mch t th chgrn f Amrc nd ts lls, th Tlbn rsrfcd n Nrth Wstrn Pkstn nd hv nw tkn cntrl f th Swt vlly nd hv tstd rmrkbl sccss n thr effrts t imps Shr lw n rs ndr thr cntrl, thnks t th wmpnss f th Pkstn gvrnmnt.

Cmpltly nrltd t ths bt smlr t hw Bsh wgd wr agnst rq, dcdd t wg wr agnst vwls. My hnds hrt frm nt typng th vwls n ths wrds. Ths hs csd t b fnny and hence I shall stop.

PS: Now you understand how retarded it is to use the SMS lingo, devised to save characters, everywhere, including email and chats. Please, write fully henceforth.

Deep thoughts

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the BE-holder, the car of the MBA-holder and the hands of the money holder.
  • Beauty lies in the spam folder of your email client
  • The difference between pure and applied love is that applied love results in an increase in the population.
  • bagaarOn boolu barasaavO mEra magaboob aaya hain, mEra magaboob aaya hain.

Social Networking and Maths

Q: If a sine wave and cosine wave wanted to connect on a social networking website, where would they do so?
A: On Phase-book.

Q: If 2 vectors wanted to connect on a soc-net site, where would they head to?
A: Myspace.

Q: What is the negation of orkut?
A: And( )