Monday, 4 May 2009

Wr gnst vwls

Fr th pst tn yrs r s t Untd Stts f Amrc hs bn wgng th Wr n Trrr n Afghnstn nd Wstrn Pkstn, wth lttl sccss gnst th l Qd. n spt f n-rds md by th Amrcn rmy gnst th Tlbn n 2001 nd th sbssqnt stng f th fndmntlst rgm frm Afghnstn, th Wr ws cntnd n rq, whch drw mch crtcsm frm bth th Amrcn Dmcrts nd frm ppl arnd th wrld, th afrmntnd wr ws fr frm vr.

n fct, mch t th chgrn f Amrc nd ts lls, th Tlbn rsrfcd n Nrth Wstrn Pkstn nd hv nw tkn cntrl f th Swt vlly nd hv tstd rmrkbl sccss n thr effrts t imps Shr lw n rs ndr thr cntrl, thnks t th wmpnss f th Pkstn gvrnmnt.

Cmpltly nrltd t ths bt smlr t hw Bsh wgd wr agnst rq, dcdd t wg wr agnst vwls. My hnds hrt frm nt typng th vwls n ths wrds. Ths hs csd t b fnny and hence I shall stop.

PS: Now you understand how retarded it is to use the SMS lingo, devised to save characters, everywhere, including email and chats. Please, write fully henceforth.


Idling in Top Gear said...

Makes complete sense, this vowel-less paragraph. Particularly like the phrase "wimpiness of the Pakistani government"

Raju said...

This is what happens when a confused mind goes into a confession overdrive. And welcome.

Anjana R said...

just yesterday i was talking to someone who always writes r'ber instead of remember. annoys the heck out of me every time.

rads said...

Yikes! I can see the English Lord of vowels writhing in their graves!