Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Haven't posted in a long time and did not want to forget the username and password for my blogger account. Hence, I am going to post a filler. A filler like no other, one which fills, adequately and requisitely, and conveniently gets off all those people whom I imagine to be on my back to write something new, although there is no one, who themselves are fillers in a different sense, of the sense which fill the void that is left by the people who do not exist, whom I imagine to be present and pressurising me to constantly pour out my innermost thoughts on this online journal.

Rubbish, my grandpa would say. aDa chee, my granny would say. vyaak thoo, some wayfarer would say. thoo ninna, tEnga kola, maNNangaTTi, bakwaas, someone would say. At all this nonsense that I have typed.

And now for something completely different. A bunch of photographs. From the last weekend. When I took my motorcycle and went riding on the coast. And had fun.

So here they are, the photos, the real fillers.



Anjali said...

Whoa looks like you had an awesome weekend!

Raju said...

@Anjali: Yeah. It was good fun!

Chandan R said...

Sunset photo is amazing sisya..

Raju said...

Thanks maga. That was the first successful HDR that I made.