Tuesday, 20 February 2007


Well, I screwed up again. As I have done time and time again. And again.

But this time even I did not see it coming. I wish to His Highness Abdullah that I had, but I did not. Well, anyway...

This is what happened:

(03:13:16 IST) Quark: confirm aaytO
(03:13:17 IST) XXX: reservation against cancellation?
(03:13:20 IST) Quark: hoon
(03:13:28 IST) Quark: nindadE caseu (Your case is that only)
(03:13:39 IST) XXX: eh?
(03:13:50 IST) Quark: hoon YYY Cancel neen Reserveu
(03:14:16 IST) Quark: sari yaake ballsu?
(03:14:32 IST) XXX: shut the fuck up
(03:14:42 IST) Quark: who let the dogs out?
(03:14:58 IST) XXX: T muchkonD hOg
(03:14:59 IST) Quark: sari urkObEDa
(03:15:02 IST) Quark: sorry and all
(03:15:26 IST) XXX has signed off.

1 comment:

Shobith said...

hmm... its a good thing that you chose to do this outrageous act over chat. I'm sure your face would have deformed badly (get worse, rather) if you had said it to that person's face :P.