Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine's day

The people and events referred to in this post may or may not be real. Figuring out whether they are not is none of your business in the first place, so just read on.

It is neither dark, nor stormy. Nor is it a night. It is the morning of the 14th of February, 2008. Rakesh wakes up and decides to abuse the commercialism that is synonymous with the day. So, he puts up a gtalk status message deriding the concept that is Valentine's Day.

The whole day passes by without any significant incident in Rakesh's life. Well, almost the whole day, I must say.

Ramya is a hot girl. She is from Bangalore and is a Kannadiga, and Rakesh was always secretly putting line to her. On the morning of the day, she had asked him to wait for her at the university gate so that she could tell him something. Clearly, our man was excited about the prospects, albeit imaginary at this moment and dressed up well by the evening. But the fact that she would come and do whatever she did at 5 pm on 14th of February, 2008 was something that he had not imagined in his wildest dreams. And whether or not you are curious to know what it is, I am going to describe the incident.

Ramya came to Rakesh, bent down on one knee, took out a Rakhi and tied it on his hand. She said 'aNNa, neen noor varsha baaLbEku. elli aa annu sweet koDteeni' and put an old chocolate in his mouth. All the girls that she had gathered to see this burst out into a peal of laughter. Our hero's heart sank lower than the dead sea.

Rakesh's status message after this:
Chamak: Surprise / Betrayal: "Maga, Ramya nanage chamak koTTbiTTlu maga. Ramya nanage rose koDtaaLe aMkoMDidde, raakhi kaTTbiTTLu maga!"

Manohar's response:
Chamak: Surprise / Betrayal: Ramya Rakeshge chamak koTTbiTTlu maga. Ramya Rakeshge rose koDtaaLe aMkoMDiddnaMte, raakhi kaTTbiTTLaMte!


The God Of Tall Things said...
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Rakesh said...

hehehe..hehe.. the other hot chick in the "laughing" group took me out :)